We offer the following services

MT-Magnetic Particle Testing.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MP) is used on cut and beveled pipe ends before welding to make sure there are no parent material flaws. MP is also used by Basadi Ba Dithakga Services to detect surface cracks after grinding or machining operations.

PT- Penetrant Testing.

A highly effective surface analysis technique, Penetrant Testing (PT) is used by Basadi Ba Dithakga Services to detect cracks and other surface breaking flaws. Special equipment is available for the testing of turbines, compressors, and pumps.

UT- Ultrasonic Testing.

Basadi Ba Dithakga offers fast scanning speed, reduced weld-to-weld inspection times, operational flexibility, low operating costs, and extremely high reliability. scanning delivers the ability to detect the presence of both fabrication and service-induced defects

VT- Visual Testing.

Visual testing is one of methods of non-destructive testing of optical type. It is based on obtaining information about the tested material with the help of visual observation or of optical and measuring instruments.

ET- Eddy current testing.

. Eddy currents are induced electrical currents that flow in a circular path. They get their name from Eddies, which are formed when a liquid or gas flows in a circular path around obstacles when conditions are right.

RT- Radiographic testing.

Radiography is used to ensure the integrity of welded butt joints in piping, structural, tank, and pressure vessel work.Contact us to find out more about Radiography techniques employed Basadi Ba Dithakga Services.

Metallographic Replication

Our clients often require metallurgical evaluations on samples which may not be modified or otherwise “destroyed” for various reasons. In these cases, we perform replication metallography, which is the non-destructive test (NDT)

Welding Inspection

We provide a number of complimentary services to ensure our clients have everything they need from an Non-Destruct testing perspective.We are constantly looking for new ways to solve Non-destructive testing related issues.

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